One of the beautiful things about the human race is that we have not just added flavor to food but allowed food to flavor our existence.

Mr. & Mrs. Bhuriwala

Food gives us life. Whether that’s by keeping your heart beating, or keeping our heart full, food is an inevitable part of human existence. While all creatures rely on food, only humans have turned it into an art. One of the beautiful things about the human race is that we have not just added flavor to food but allowed food to flavor our existence.

A “Bhuriwala” is an affectionate, Bangladeshi term for a round little food lover. If you have ever jumped for joy at the thought of your favorite meal, or if cooking food for the people you love can easily be considered a hobby, then you are a Bhuriwala too!  For a Bhuriwala, food is not just about nourishment of the body, but the nourishment of the soul. Food brings people together, whether that’s in the home, in the community, or across nations.

We are the Bhuriwalas who will be your guides. Growing up, both of our families had their own distinct quirks and traditions when it came to food. We cannot think of home without being transported into our kitchens, as the scents of our parents’ cooking snuck into our nostrils. The heart of our homes was in the kitchen, where our parents worked to keep our hearts and bodies alive. Knowing that food helped shaped who our families were, the two of us have formed our own traditions as we formed our relationship. While we love being creative and inventive in the kitchen, in many ways, we are still true to the culture and customs that formed us. Both in flavor and tradition, our food is a reflection of our past. The food in our home, like many homes, tells a story of two families that have become one, and we are passionate about sharing that with others.

Washington D.C. is home to all kinds of tastes, smells, and dishes. As the capital of a nation often called “the melting pot,” D.C. truly is a land where all kinds of food comes together. From the Far East, to the Middle East, to Latin America, and more, this city is rich in flavor and culture. We have spent our many years here exploring its spectacular restaurants, and would love to share some of our findings with you. As we learn more about the food where we live, we learn more about our neighbors, too.

Proudly hailing from Bangladesh, the two of us – your Bhuriwalas – are passionate about staying true to our roots, while connecting to the new country we call home. One of the most powerful ways to connect to our culture – or to others – is through the flavors, customs, and culture that are so present in the food we eat. Knowing that food is shaped by time, resources, and regions of a nation’s past, we are fascinated by the way food demonstrates history. If you’re hungry for a taste of history, we want to share our history, both personal and cultural, with you!

In sharing food with you – whether it’s a recipe from our kitchen, a menu from our favorite restaurant, or a dish from our family’s past – we want to share a little bit about our lives. We would be so happy if you joined us on this delicious journey!