Bengali culture is nothing without Roshogolla. They are inseparable, especially when it comes to Pohela Boshakh (the Bengali New Year), when Roshogolla is practically required. This Bengali New Year was a little different, however. Instead of celebrating out with friends, we were stuck at home. While we were saddened at the idea of not being able to dress up and attend a potluck food fest, we decided to make the most of our situation.

To shake things up and get unstuck from our sorrow, I decided to make the traditional Bengali sweet Roshogolla/Rasgolla. While it needs minimal ingredients, it does require a lot of patience – so make sure you have that in stock! I followed the YouTube recipe from the Cooking Studio by Umme, and it came out just as we’d hoped. It delighted us even as we missed our traditional potluck. If we couldn’t be with our friends, this was the next best thing! In Bangladesh, we call it “Sponge Roshogolla,” and with its firm but squishy texture, this recipe matched that description perfectly! ?

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One of the beautiful things about the human race is that we have not just added flavor to food but allowed food to flavor our existence.

– Mr. & Mrs. Bhuriwala