If someone were to ask us to list our favorite food, fried chicken would make the top five, no contest. Whether it’s crispy fried or oven baked, with buttermilk or broasted, or Nashville Hot or Korean, we have tried it all. Our addiction to fried chicken has only increased in our discovery of Choong Man Chicken, one of the most underrated Korean fried chicken joints, with one of the spiciest chicken plates we’ve ever found!

Our multiple trips to Fairfax, VA have given us the opportunity to try several flavors of chicken and some interesting sides as well. Our journey with Choong Man Chicken began with the red-hot pepper chicken, which is still one of the spiciest foods we have ever tasted. Even if you only love fried chicken half as much as we do, you will fall in love with the Gochujang sauce and the enticing aroma of the herb-crusted chicken coating the tender, juicy, and perfectly-marinated pieces. Upon your first bite, you will immediately feel the burn on your lips, but you will still be unable to resist finishing the entire plate – even though it initially looks like it’s too much for one person.

On subsequent trips, we tried out some of the other flavors, from snow onion, garlic spicy chicken, and curry chicken. While these flavors were satisfying, only the snow onion tasted above average to us. In addition to the chicken, we’ve also enjoyed the selection of appetizers, which includes shrimp shumai and curly fries, both of which were tasty additions to fried chicken.

If you can handle spicy food, or if you’re up for a challenge, and certainly if you love fried chicken, Choong Man’s red-hot pepper chicken may not be the most famous fried chicken, but it is absolutely worth trying.


Choong Man Chicken
9528 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031

Our Experience

Red Hot Pepper- Whole Chicken


Snow Onion- Whole Chicken


Garlic Spicy- Whole Chicken


Curry Flavored- Whole Chicken


Shrimp Shumai


Curly Fries


One of the beautiful things about the human race is that we have not just added flavor to food but allowed food to flavor our existence.

– Mr. & Mrs. Bhuriwala