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From our table to yours, try these delicious recipes!

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Let flavor be your guide!

We’re the Bhuriwalas – food lovers, food makers, and food guides! Born in Bangladesh, food has shaped our upbringing. Food has allowed us, Mr. and Mrs. Bhuriwala, to connect with one another, to our community, and to other cultures through flavor and spice. Because food tells a story, we want to tell ours through this culinary exploration. Scroll through to find one of the restaurants we love or some of our favorite dishes we’ve made at home. We promise there’s something for everyone, whether you like spicy, sweet, or simply want to find something new. We hope our words will help nourish your soul as much as this food as nourished our lives!

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In sharing food with you – whether it’s a recipe from our kitchen, a menu from our favorite restaurant, or a dish from our family’s past – we want to share a little bit about our lives. We would be so happy if you joined us on this delicious journey!

One of the beautiful things about the human race is that we have not just added flavor to food but allowed food to flavor our existence.

– Mr. & Mrs. Bhuriwala